Testing the Limits

By , November 11, 2018

Our homestead’s resources seem to have suddenly reduced to the lower limits too many fronts.

Our battery has drawn down close to 40%. In many ways, this is good. The company we bought the Ni-Fe cells from claims that the battery works best if capacity draws down to 20%. Ideally, the battery should cycle several times, drawing down to minimum capacity, then charging back to 100%, before it reaches full capacity. This is the first time we’ve come anywhere close to minimum charge.

However, this does little for our peace of mind! We’re in the middle of a low sun, calm period. I can’t look at the weather forecast and confidently expect a full recharge anytime soon. I may know we’re doing fine, but I feel like we’re in danger.

Low solar ceiling

This weather, at this time of day in November, brings in about an amp of solar power, just enough to cover minimum operations on the homestead (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Until we gain that confidence, much remains on hold: this blog (I wrote the first draft of this post with pen and paper!), other writing projects, rechargeable device recharging, even soap making.

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A Tiny Home?

By , November 8, 2018

According to a survey about Tiny  Homes done by the National Association of Home Builders more than half of Americans would consider living in a home that’s less than 600 square feet. Among Millennials, interest increases to 63%.

The figures are pretty amazing, but what caught my eye was the survey’s definition of a tiny home: less than 600 square feet!

That surprised me, because our cabin is less than 600 square feet.

Tiny House

A Tiny House like the kind I think of. Follow the link for more photos of this awesome little home. (Photo: New Frontier Tiny House.)

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