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Many Moose

By , October 6, 2017

This year’s Tier II Subsistence Moose Hunt ended Tuesday at midnight, after 25 bulls had been harvested. For us, it has been an unusual season, because so many moose have stayed in our neighborhood.

My main informant of All Things Moose has been Michelle. Her early trips to town at the end of September put her in the position to encounter both moose and hunters on Mud Bay. She learned that this year, at least three bull moose, all “sub-legal,” (antlers outside the configurations we’re allowed to harvest) have frequented the bay during daylight hours. This includes the big fellow who made her morning commute so exciting. A couple of his love interests visited our door yard (see Be Careful What You Wish For!).

The moose guarding the trailhead. Michelle snapped this with her phone in a rainstorm. A lousy snapshot, but a gallery-worthy impressionist painting! (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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Be Careful What You Wish For!

By , October 3, 2017

The Tier II Subsistence Moose Hunt started September 15th, and runs till midnight tonight, when it’ll be  shut down by emergency order. As often happens, I drew a permit, allowing me to hunt for bulls with particular antler configurations. As I do every year, I dream of a legal bull wandering into the compound during daylight. Such an event would certainly beat bagging a moose somewhere else, requiring long, heavy hauls of meat.

The illegal bull that Michelle encountered in September has continued to loiter around the trail head in Mud Bay, wooing a pair of cows (see Crossing the Autumnal Equinox—Both of Them). I have not called moose on our property, fearing this unbaggable bull might come our way.

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