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Botching the Ritual

By , May 11, 2017

Recently, I performed one of my most enduring morning rituals: making coffee. I set up my Italian stove top espresso maker, set it on the burner, adjusted the flame, and moved on to my next task.

A short time later, Michelle commented that something didn’t smell right.

I had forgotten to put any water in the reservoir!

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Seasons Not Schedules

By , March 30, 2017

I got the jump on birch tapping season this year, which is to say, I started early—too early, apparently.

Last year I found some very valuable information on proper birch tapping methods, but it appears I have yet to fully absorb its key points. Up until I found the information, everything I’d read on the subject focused on maple tree tapping methods, then extrapolated them to cover birch and other trees.

As it turns out, while maple and birch tapping share many methods, and the seasons overlap nicely, the saps rise differently. Therein lies the key.

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