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Are Alaskans Unique Enough for “Reality” TV?

By , April 20, 2017

At an Easter dinner with friends, we enjoyed stimulating conversation on a variety of topics. One that struck me particularly focused on “reality” television shows. One of us asked: Why are people so interested in Alaska? After all, “we’re just like anybody else anywhere else.” She finds it hard to believe that Alaskans could hold the public interest and imagination well enough to justify television shows.

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“Schooled” By an Outsider

By , July 25, 2016

My sisters held sales on two days to reduce their storage inventory before moving it south. We brought out a few items to sell alongside, taking advantage of a rare opportunity. After all, how does one hold a garage sale when one has no garage? A yard sale that requires a 3 mile round trip hike would make very little money. Aly and I tagged along, as it were (hopefully our British readers got a smile out of that) and helped with the sale.

For me, the sale offered a rare opportunity to meet and greet unfamiliar townspeople. We also saw a lot of our friends and neighbors. We really enjoyed visiting, chatting, and joking with the people who came to the sale.

One visitor, I’m afraid, left a less favorable impression.

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