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Hermit at Heart

By , April 27, 2018

The other day, fresh from the shower, I chose a clean pair of pants to wear. Seeing particular favorites, I quickly reviewed my coming week’s obligations and plans, then chose the pants. As I pulled them from the drawer and put them on, I felt tension flowing away from my body and mind, replaced by a rush of quiet euphoria as I realized that, for the next few days, I would stay home. Topping them with a favorite pullover hoodie sweatshirt, I felt complete, whole, and entirely happy.

I avoid wearing these pants, a pair of camouflage-patterned military fatigues if I’m going to be seen by people outside my immediate family. I’ve been shy about wearing them since a lovely local woman gently and cleverly teased me about them (see Camo Clash). As much as I enjoyed the attention, I decided not to wear them in public anymore. I henceforth firmly identified them as “homestead pants.”

Mark in fatigues

Mark’s camouflage fatigues, not for general company (Photo: Russ White).

My point here, however, is the rush of emotion when I decided I would be largely alone at home for at least half of the coming week. I am close to accepting my introverted self. I have come to embrace my inner hermit.

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John Tillotson Offers a Few Words of Inspiration

By , August 1, 2017

“To always be intending to live a new life, but never to find time to set about it: this is as if a man should put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day and night to another till he is starved and destroyed.” —John Tillotson

Partial view from the Zeiger Homestead veranda, July 31, 2017 (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

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