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Austen Fest 2018

By , February 4, 2018

Rumor has it there’s a pretty important football game today. Instead of watching that, we held Austen Fest.

We held our first Austen Fest in 2010, for reasons I explained on the blog (see An Alternative to the Superbowl—Austen Fest). Nothing has changed our attitude toward the Superbowl in ensuing years.

But this year, we’re upping our game, if you will. Aly has invited our friend, Regi, to attend. We watched the group’s favorite Jane Austen movies, which, coincidentally and conveniently, we own: Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice.

In addition to our usual snacks, we made British food (sushi’s British, right? Okay, so we’re not too strict on the theme . . .but, we also made scones). Aly made a large pot of tea, (I’m sticking to coffee, thanks) and we even got appropriate tattoos!

Temporary tattoos, anyway. Regi gifted Aly a set of Pride and Prejudice temporary tattoos. Why not? What better opportunity to use such a thing?

The girls show off their Austen Temp Tatts (SO tough! So literary!) (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger.)

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Plow Monday

By , January 8, 2018

Today, in Medieval times and after, is Plow Monday, the first Monday after Twelfth Night, when men traditionally returned to work in the fields. It is paired with St. Distaff’s Day, the following Tuesday, when women returned to work. In 2013, that day fell on this date (see St. Distaff’s Day).

plow monday

A more contemporary Plough Monday banner (source: unknown)

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