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New Cellular Booster

By , May 14, 2018

I finally installed the new cellular booster I’ve mentioned before. We haven’t seen the dramatic improvement I’d hoped for, but I feel like we’re in better shape than before.

To briefly recap: the cord of our old booster malfunctioned and melted down, so the company traded us a newer, more robust version of the unit for the old one, so they could analyze it to see what happened.

They included a bigger antenna than originally purchased, which led to a bit of delay, while we ordered a coupler for the cable, which we couldn’t get in town. Unfortunately, I read the specs wrong on the unit, and, knowing nothing about coaxial wiring, ordered the wrong connector the first time.

The delay allowed me ample time to figure out where we should put the antenna.

Cellular booster

The new cellular booster (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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Fiskars Ax Pros and Cons

By , May 3, 2018

My last post on this subject, “New Fangled” Axes for the Homestead, got too long. Now, here’s some observations on the company’s High Performance Splitter, our most recent acquisition.

The company claims that this ax’s design allows for faster, harder strikes, leading to fewer swings to chop a round. The sharp blade flares quickly into a wide wedge shape, and that’s exactly how it addresses the round. It hits like a battering ram, and blasts through the wood impressively. I’ve moved away from using splitting mauls over the last few years. With this ax, I may never need one again!

I will need to gain some experience with this tool before I function well with it, however. At 36″, it’s longer than most axes I’ve used. The balance seems a little off to me, because of that length, and the lightness of the composite handle.

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