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Sharing Memories, Not Thoughts

By , November 14, 2018

One of the main drivers of this blog is that we write about what we’re thinking about. That works well for the most part, but when a problem takes time to work out, such as our leaky water heater (see The Homestead Springs a Leak . . . Again) I don’t want to harp on the subject. Better to stay quiet about it, mostly, till it gets taken care of.

Until then, what to do? I raised this question with Michelle, and she said, “post some more photos of Ireland.”

Simple, direct advice. So, here goes!

Burren sky, Ireland

The sky over The Burren, Ireland, October 2018 (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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By , September 12, 2018

Michelle got up at 4:30 a.m., as she often does in order to get ready for work and hike out to arrive on time. As usual, I lay in bed a bit longer, half dreaming, listening to her move quietly around the cabin.

Spice, our cat, cried as she often does, mournfully, unnecessarily, almost as if out of boredom. Michelle chose to put a positive spin on it, then called her by a secret name:

“Are you saying thanks for the yummy breakfast, Cat-Who-Eats-Before-Me?”

Well, if that doesn’t sum it all up, I don’t know what does.

sleeping cat

“Cat-Who-Eats-Before-Me” takes a postprandial nap that will last almost all day (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

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