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Taking a Moment to Look Around

By , January 5, 2019

Tonight is Twelfth Night, the end of our Christmas season. Time to pack away the decorations, lights, music, and movies.

In the meantime, Nature’s putting on its own light show, as our weather transitions from cloudy to clear and cold.

Sun on the Coast Range Haines Alaska

I took these on the afternoon of January 3rd (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Coast Range, Alaska

The pyramid peak above the Kathzehin River delta. If it has a name, I don’t know it (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

Sun on the Coast Range, Alaska

The Mountain with No Name (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

Coast Range, Alaska

“LC Mountain” (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

Coast Range, Alaska

Another unknown, possibly unnamed peak in our view. This one probably does have a name, likely a border marker between Alaska and Canada (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

Feeling Powerful

By , December 9, 2018

I have written before of the power of self pity (see Confessions of a Squeaky Wheel or The Power of Self Pity) and once again, complaining seems to have given us precisely what we want.

Our battery bank is fully charged! We’re feeling powerful.

25 knots south

Perfect weather for feeling powerful, wind at about 25 knots south (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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