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Winter, Slumbering in the Open Air . . .

By , February 16, 2018

“And Winter, slumbering in the open air, wears on his smiling face a dream of spring!” —Samuel Taylor Coleridge

February snowfall on the Zeiger Homestead

Fresh February snow (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

I love this line from Coleridge’s Work Without Hope, although I have little patience for the rest of the poem. How could I, living as my family and I do, have much patience for anyone, even a talented poet, who is so caught up in his own funk that he can’t appreciate Nature reawakening around him as February transforms from winter into spring.

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Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

By , January 30, 2018

We will have two blue moons this year, one coming up at the end of January, the second at the end of March. But, that’s not enough—our next full moon will be totally eclipsed in our region, creating a coppery red moon face, or “blood” moon. So, it’s a Blue Blood Moon.

But, apparently it will be a super moon as well, closer to Earth than usual. That makes it a Super Blue Blood Moon.

Too cool!

super blue blood moon

A “Super Blue Blood Moon” (Image:

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