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A Two-Car Family Once Again

By , June 4, 2017

Quite improbably, we find ourselves a two-car family once again.

Our first experience with “The American Way” came many, many years ago. I replaced my former boy toy, my motorcycle, for a modest sports car after some yahoo knocked me off the bike as he tried to run the yellow light I had stopped for, on account of its imminent turn to red, and the presence of a whole class of preschoolers waiting at the crossing. But, that’s a story from another life, for another time.

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Train Yourself to See in the Dark

By , March 27, 2017

While we use headlamps and other flashlights a lot on the homestead, (see Headlamps: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!) we also practice seeing in the dark. I promote this not only because it’s practical, using less energy, requiring less equipment, but because I believe it’s safer.

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