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By , November 17, 2017

Today, my comments on the proposed University of Alaska Timber Sale on our peninsula will get mailed.

I have written some difficult letters in my life, but this one may have been the hardest.

I had to ultimately answer this question: how does one who has chosen quality of life over quantity of goods and funds sway the opinions of those who choose the opposite? It seems the University’s Board of Regents has one primary responsibility, which is to make money for the University of Alaska. When you know the price of everything, what do you care for those who value other than material wealth?

sunlight through trees

Sunlight through our homestead trees (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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By , October 18, 2017

I didn’t mean for it to become “A Thing.” We need firewood for the winter, and we’ve had a large standing dead tree above the cabin for some time. I wanted to cut it down, and didn’t want to wait for help.

So, I felled a 30″ diameter spruce tree with my 30″ bow saw.

Since the tree’s diameter exceeded my saw’s size, common sense dictated that I cut down the tree with one of our two-person saws. I quickly realized that, while I can use these saws alone to buck up felled trees, it really does take two people to make a horizontal cut in a standing tree. That meant waiting for Michelle or Aly to have a day off, and, ideally, decent weather for the project. Short of either of those two, I got started with my usual wood cutting tool, taking on a tree whose diameter matches my blade length. 30/30″.

Actually, it’s a bit worse than 30/30. The 30″ blade offers only 29″ of teeth. The extra inch allows for mounting.

Felled Tree

A man, his saw, and his firewood (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

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