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Trying to Gain Headway

By , May 6, 2018

Here on the homestead, we have entered the early days of what we consider the summer season (see Circle of the Seasons: Summer). This year, it’s all different.

We’ve had an odd year so far. The latest oddness has been our weather. General conversation suggests that everything’s late this year, but a neighbor observed that perhaps it’s not late, it’s just not as early as it has been for the past few years.

Whatever’s going on, we’re getting cool, wet, windy weather. Our headway suffers as a result.

changin weather on Lynn Canal, Alaska

The view’s improving after recent high winds (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

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“It’s Worth a Shot!”

By , April 8, 2018

This is kind of stupid, but I’m inordinately proud of myself because . . . I shot a tree.

I wrote last time about the tree hanging over the trail, and my time management regarding it (see An Unhurried Sense of Time). The same day I wrote that, Aly came home in the afternoon; Michelle followed a short time later. I hiked out to greet Aly. On my way up the trail, I looked at the tree, and realized that the come-along line I’d affixed to it pulled the tree in exactly the wrong direction. If the come-along moved the tree, it would pull it farther into the branches of the trees near it, securing it more tightly.

Michelle had suggested the previous day that I shoot a branch on the leaning tree that held it against the tree next to it. I’d rejected that idea. Even though I’ve done it in the past, I regard shooting branches as a desperate move, reserved for the very last resort. I shot branches to help fell a tree years ago, but I think I avoided blogging about that detail then (see A Tree Falls in the Forest).

However, once I realized that my efforts risked securing the tree in its neighbors, I changed my mind.

When we all gathered in the cabin, we still had daylight, and the forecast called for higher winds in the evening. I favored making dinner and settling in, but due to the conditions, I mentioned what I needed to do, and we decided to make a family outing of it.

Michelle smiled and suggested, “It’s worth a shot!”

jammed "widowmaker" tree

Here’s the problem: that short branch braces the broken tree against a healthy neighbor (Photo: Sarah A. Zeiger).

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