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Shy Ghosts Dancing on KTOO’s “Telling Tales with Ms. G”

By , October 12, 2017

In September, I went to Juneau for some medical errands. While there, I stayed with my friends, Bill Merk and Beth Handley.

Bill is a poet, writing as W. S. Merk (see W.S. Merk, BRIGHT SILENCE: A New Volume of Poetry). He participates in a vibrant arts community in Juneau, particularly with the group, Woosh Kinaadeiyí. They hold poetry slams and writer showcases in Juneau.

Bill had a date to promote an upcoming showcase with some other poets on Telling Tales with Ms. G, an evening program on Juneau’s public radio station, KTOO. He invited me to join him.

I pursued a radio career for about 16 years, so I eagerly tagged along, figuring I’d sit in the back and watch. Not so. Bill talked me into participating as a writer.

We had a great time! I got to hear some excellent local poetry, which I’ll tell you more about in the future. I  winged my portions, reciting a few haiku, including one that paid off (see Snowshoes for a Song . . . Er, Poem). I told a quick story about what Aly had been doing at home during my absence. I also had a chance to plug my first book, Shy Ghosts Dancing: Dark Tales from Southeast Alaska, and our upcoming production of The Lion in Winter.

Shy Ghosts Dancing: Dark Tales from Southeast Alaska

When I returned home, I signed and sent a copy of my book to Ms. G . She liked it enough to read stories from it on her show now and then!

She started on her September 26 show with the title story, Shy Ghosts Dancing.(Click to listen on KTOO’s site.)

I’m pretty excited to hear my work read by others, and of course, I’m thrilled to have them on the radio!

We’ve discussed recording some of the stories myself, and sending them to her to air. I already recorded my second book, Sacred Coffee: A “Homesteader’s” Paradigm as an audio book, and have long thought about recording Shy Ghosts. This may be the catalyst to move that project forward.

When the link goes live on the poetry episode of Telling Tales with Ms. G, I’ll share that with you, along with more about that evening.

Eight Years of Blogging

By , August 27, 2017

Tomorrow, August 28, marks the 8th anniversary of starting this blog. As with many other jobs or responsibilities, it hardly seems that it could be either that long ago, or only that long ago!

As usual on these anniversaries, I’m assessing “progress,” trying to see what could or should change to improve the blog. I recently found a bunch of photographs that got de-linked in the recent switch to a new server, so that’s an improvement. The rest is all behind the scenes stuff, barely noticeable to the general reader, and boring to relate here, but some of the changes I’m contemplating will hopefully make it easier for me to post. That ought to help ensure we make it to 9th anniversary and beyond.

So, no words of wisdom, no pithy observations on the passing of time. I’m just grateful to you, the reader, for coming here every few days to see what we’re up to. Here’s to more anniversaries to come!

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