Life’s Little Victories

By , March 18, 2016

Life ticks along sweetly on the homestead most of the time. Occasionally, the good moments stack up more than at other times.

Lately, I’ve notice a few little victories, largely unconnected moments when things seem to go particularly well.

Here are a few:

When thinning trees to increase sunlight on the garden, you know you’ve chosen correctly when you have to shade your eyes to survey your handiwork.

Daughter’s boyfriend to daughter: “Have you introduced your parents to Firefly?
Daughter to boyfriend: “Uh, no, they introduced it to us.”
Daughter’s dad to self: “Score!

Michelle commented that she really liked a secondhand pair of work jeans she found last year, even though they were stained when she got them. The next day, she finds a brand new pair of the same jeans (unstained!) at the secondhand store.

The ongoing scramble to find more space for the quickly growing garden sprouts for the coming season.

Every single meal cooked or reheated in the solar oven, starting March 10th—in Alaska!

I could list many, many more, most of which would require too much backstory and explanation to make sense to a wider audience.

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