A Sweet Spring Day

By , April 23, 2016

One would expect that we who live in the temperate rainforest might cherish sunny days above all others. I find that is not particularly true. There’s something about a rainy day that soothes my soul.

So, yesterday, when our generally sunnier weather of late turned gently wet, we found ourselves welcoming the change.

A sweet spring morning in April (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

A sweet spring morning in April (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

The morning could hardly be sweeter, full of bird song, the aroma of alder buds and other blooms, the water flat calm, except when broken by sea lions or loons.

Wet or dry, we love living here!

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  1. Jon Marshall says:

    Your pictures always excite me and make me want to move back to Alaska. I have never lived on the coast/ocean and I have always wanted to. I am hoping to be able to come rent a place and try it out for a bit.

  2. Mark Zeiger says:

    Jon, I only wish the photos could convey the sounds around us, the aroma of spring growth, and the very feel of the air. It’s all part of the experience!

    There are B&Bs around, or home rentals, I’m sure. The market’s tight here in Haines, but there are a lot of maritime communities to choose from in the region. Hope it works out!

  3. Jon Marshall says:

    I have noticed that about Haines, when i have checked out the area.

    I will look at the Gustavus area as well.

    I bet you see, hear, smell some great things daily. You are truly blessed and thank you for sharing your life with us.

  4. Mark Zeiger says:

    Jon, Gustavus is really, really nice! And, I happen to co-own a small piece of undeveloped property there we’re trying to sell (near, but not currently within view of the beach). If you go there and fall in love with it, let me know.

    For shorter stays in Haines, try Swan View Cabins (not near the ocean, but very nice!): http://joeordonez.com or Hidden Cove Farm (on the Chilkat River side of the peninsula, spectacular views): http://www.hiddencovefarm.com .

    Both of these places are run by friends, some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

    And, of course, please let us know if you come to Haines!

  5. Mark Zeiger says:

    Most smells are great. Some, not so much, like when the breeze wafts the aroma of the sea lion haul out across Lynn Canal over the homestead….

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