By , July 7, 2016

We’re living in town for about a week. Michelle and Aly started the night of the 4th, staying overnight with friends so that they could get to work very early the next morning. I joined them the next evening, after the host family left on their trip.

We will keep the garden watered, and “sit” a cat, which they’re sitting for another friend. I know, it doesn’t make much sense to leave our cat unattended to take care of this one, but we’re happy to do it. This other cat is much nicer than ours! Also, Michelle and Aly benefit from spending some time within walking distance of their work places.

Meanwhile, I’m sleeping in town and going out to the cabin as tides allow. It feels very topsy-turvy! I’m also trying to take care of a lot of things I normally don’t get to do in town.

Later this morning, I’ll go over to the barge line and pick up Aly’s household goods, which arrived last night. I’ll likely need several trips to transfer it to the garage here, where we’ll stage it home as time, tide, and energy levels allow (see Make Like a Mule).

Luckily, we’ll also get to a very important meeting on Friday evening. It appears that newer hires in the State Department of Transportation don’t know the agreements that have allowed my neighborhood to park on the roadside for about the last 20 years, so a public meeting has been called on the topic. Should be loads of fun. Can’t wait. I’ll keep you posted.

We’ll stay in town till the 11th. My sisters arrive from down south on the 10th, and will stay here one night before we all move back to the homestead for the rest of their visit.

Since the homestead life this blog covers is suspended for a few days, and I’m completely out of my element, keeping it fresh may prove a challenge. Maybe missing that life will inspire new rhapsodies? We’ll see.

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