Breaking Silence

By , July 19, 2016

My sisters and their household goods left Haines on the ferry last night. This morning, I’m able to take a few moments and post on the blog for the first time in about a week. Hopefully, a few readers are still out there!

We had a great visit, but very little time at home. The process of sorting, selling, cleaning, and packing their two large storage units into a moving van took the majority of time, attention, and effort. Yesterday, when they and I packed the van, our week of gloriously sunny weather heated up further. By late afternoon, in the shade, I saw 80º. Imagine what we faced in the bays and the container!

Luckily, we’d filled a 5 gallon jug at the spring near Letnikof on our way into town. I drank about 5 liters of it myself, and I think I needed only one bathroom break during the 6 hours or so of packing. I seemed to have lost 3 pounds since the day before yesterday.

Now, it’s time to pick up the pieces. I need to return to my every-other-day posting schedule here. I have some critical letters to write to friends that have gone wanting. I need to find personal items I’ve lost track of in the full house. I need to haul Aly’s goods in from town.

Then, there’s the good old homestead, sadly neglected. I need to replenish the shower wood supply, get back to collecting the coming winter’s firewood, build the veranda, manage the compost, tend the wines, and so much more.

Finally, I need to hurry to catch up with the advancing summer. Mushrooms sprout in the forest, salmon run past the beach, berries in the garden and forest need picking.

Ironically, considering the title of this piece, I will also fall silent for a while. Michelle and Aly spent the night at Snapper’s Inn, a friend and coworker’s lovely little vacation rental in town. They dropped me at the roadside with a pack full of gifted furniture, and I hiked home to spend the night alone. I’m kind of enjoying not talking for a bit!

Regretfully, the hectic visit allowed very little time for reflection. However, a few topics have presented themselves. I’ll cogitate on them as I do my chores today, and hopefully have some meaningful content for you in the coming days.

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