Down But Not Out?

By , August 15, 2016

Our Internet connection went out Thursday. Apparently, AT&T is having tower trouble in town, but only on the southerly one that serves us (more or less). If you’re reading this, the problem still exists.

I’m not pessimistic here, more a practical realist. I’m writing this post ahead of time, and, based on the two “by-at-the-latest” predictions of when connectivity would be restored having long passed, I see no reason to assume the problem will be fixed by the time you read these words.

Michelle’s been on “staycation” from her town job most of this last week. To ensure that she spends maximum time at home, I’ve been driving Aly to work. (For her part, Aly has ridden her bike home most days.) I’ve used this trip to town to keep the blog up to date so far. We will see what changes in the coming week as Michelle returns to work, and the outage continues, if it does.

I assume AT&T will set things to right before the next post. But, just in case, if you don’t see it when you’ve come to expect it, you’ll know why. Hopefully, it will prove a short term problem.

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