Back On Line!

By , August 17, 2016

We got Internet connectivity back a lot sooner than we’d been told to expect . . . the third time around. After a couple of calls to AT&T, each of which offered a new resolution time mere hours from when we called, Michelle called a third time. The Help Desk person casually told her that we’d get our connection back on August 21st!

So, I was pleased, but not particularly surprised to learn that, too, was incorrect: we got the Internet back yesterday afternoon.

It wasn’t so bad being cut off from the Internet. More troublesome was the bad phone connectivity. We couldn’t communicate reliably between home and town, which would have become problematic if we’d been off till the 21st.

I can’t deny the irony, of which I’ve always been aware, of our reliance on the Internet here on the homestead. But, it is the 21st Century, and I do have responsibilities that I fulfill through the Internet.

I have to say, though, I got a lot done while it was out! Most importantly, I spent about half a day cleaning the seams of the metal roof. We’ve gotten our usual August rains (far less than elsewhere in the U.S., thank goodness!) and the spruce needles in the seams have wicked water into the house. At least, we think . . . more on that later.

The problem with the outage came mostly from not being able to check emails and orders occasionally. That security has returned. It’s time to move forward again.

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