A Blessed, Merry Christmas to One and All!

By , December 24, 2009

We’ve been blogging “by remote” a lot lately, prescheduling posts as our holiday activities take precedence over being online. Tomorrow’s post is scheduled and ready to go (sneak peak: How to Count the 12 Days of Christmas!) and as you read this, we’re preparing for Christmas Eve on the Zeiger homestead.

A view from Christmas past (before we shingled the cabin front).

I’ve always loved Christmas Eve slightly more than Christmas Day itself. Christmas Eve has all the charm and joy of Christmas Day, with two added bonuses: darkness, for Christmas and candle lights, and anticipation. It’s the calm before the storm, as it were. It reminds me of an Oscar Wilde quote: “The suspense is unbearable—I hope it lasts!”

Our relatives, Beth and Kim are here with us. Tonight we’ll have two dinners, as is traditional. Aly and I will continue an old family Christmas Eve tradition, making and eating oyster stew. Michelle, Beth and Kim, who are not fond of oysters, will have something else.

After that, it’s hard to say. We always try not to schedule our Christmas Eve. Better to keep it spontaneous. There’s likely to be some reading aloud, especially of perennial favorites, such as Clement C. Moore’s A Visit from Saint Nicholas (The Night Before Christmas) and Dean Morrisey’s The Christmas Ship. Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is generally too long for such a short evening. Perhaps we’ll mull some wine, or make eggnog.

We’ll surely turn in early, as the darkness makes people sleepy. When we wake up, it’ll be Christmas Day!

From the Zeiger homestead to your home, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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