By , September 12, 2016

So much to do: update a client’s Website, make food wrappers, trim and wrap soap, and sign books for a local store, clean my rifle and prepare other gear for the upcoming moose hunt, check the battery bank fluids after equalization, order supplies for the coming year, and more. But, yesterday, we put it all off.

Why? Because all of these were indoor activities, and yesterday was a single sunny day in a forecast full of rain.

Actually, after a morning of heavy rain, Saturday turned pretty sunny as well. But, Aly had to work, and Michelle and I sweltered over laundry, so we didn’t get to enjoy the sunshine much.

Sunday would be different, if we could help it. Both Michelle and Aly got Sunday and Monday off this week. With a bit of triage, we could manage to make the most of those two days, both the sunny one and the rainy one!

We’ve been getting about an inch of rain a day lately. We need it, and it’s nice, although it makes it very tempting to snuggle down for autumn instead of digging in and getting things done. There’s been a lot of dangerous talk about puzzles, games, curling up with a good book. It takes a bit of planning and determination to plan each day’s activities in order to take full advantage.

Not that we’re ignoring those recreations, we’re just making sure they’re properly balanced with the usual chores. Sunday’s sunshine brought opportunities to haul wood, cut biofilter, bake in the sun oven (see Cooking With Solar) and more, but we also took time to play outside as a family.

This is one of my favorite aspects of my “work day,” the ability to shape the day’s tasks to take best advantage of the available weather. Almost every other job I’ve held as an adult required the same type of work each day, no matter the weather. I really appreciate this flexibility, even if it requires a certain amount of triage beforehand.

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