Headlamps on the Homestead: “The Best” and The Rest

By , May 2, 2017

To wrap up the recent series on headlamps, I should mention the lights we’re looking at to possibly replace our Princeton Tecs (see Headlamps on the Homestead: Princeton Tec).

de-Power DPA 800 AA headlamp

Mark’s de-Power DPA 800 AA (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger)

I like the de-Power DPA 800 AA. This light runs on a single AA battery, which makes it ideal for summertime use. We don’t use headlamps as much during our long daylight hours at that time of year. I install a Ni-Cad rechargeable, then stick it in my bedside drawer, where it works when I need it.

I also like that it offers adjustable light settings. Both the high and low power (on this light, cool and warm lights) can be adjusted to the brightness I prefer. It will use that setting each time it’s turned on, until someone changes it. It’s also light, compact, and very water resistant.

On the downside, it eats battery power, and when the battery gets low, it’s lights out! It has died on me while I’m out on the trail; no dimming, no blinking, it’s just gone! For that reason, this light gets used around the cabin mostly.

I searched the Internet for reviews of headlamps. I learned that we can’t afford the best rated headlamps, nor would I risk trying to use them in our harsh conditions. Instead, I looked into the “best for the money” listings. That’s where I found my two outdoor headlamps, the Vitchelo V800 and the Petzl Tikkina.

The Vitchelo V800 got high ratings for its more economical resemblance to the highly rated, high priced Black Diamond Storm. Most praise came for its two light buttons, one of which controls the red lamp, the other of which controls the white lamp settings. Reviewers contrasted it directly to those lights that require one to cycle through all the various settings to get to the type of light needed—apparently I’m not the only person that annoys!

Vitchelo V800 headlamp

Vitchelo V800 (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

The Petzl Tikkina got a lot of positive mentions in the reviews without any actual information on it. It’s no-frills

Petzl Tikkina headlamp

Petzl Tikkina (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

, just a white low and high beam (in that order). Michelle has a couple of Petzls she’s picked up here and there, and they have yet to let her down.


I have to confess, I haven’t used either of the two lights listed above very much. I still prefer my Princeton Tec Byte for all the positive reasons listed in the previous posts. However, when I do use one of these lights, it has served me well. When it comes down to it, that’s all I really ask of any tool on the homestead.

OLight i3E EOS pocket flashlight

OLight i3E EOS pocket flashlight (Photo: Mark A. Zeiger).

Finally, I carry an OLight i3E EOS on my key ring. This tiny, bright flashlight forms my last line defense against the dark; it’s always with me, ready to bail me out of any jam, including searching in the dark for new batteries for one of my headlamps!


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