Thirty Percent Chance of Darkness

By , June 6, 2017

I hate going “meta” on the blog, but every once in a while, I need to warn of possible housekeeping issues.

The day I left for Juneau to help friends move, in fact, as I was in the middle of my last minute packing, I got a call from my Web space provider’s representative, offering me a migration to an updated server.

Despite my distraction, he offered a great opportunity. Not only will it improve the Web site and this blog, it’ll cost me about $100 less than I pay now—always welcome!

I agreed, then headed south. Yesterday, I remembered that I needed to migrate the site.

Before leaving, I browsed the instructions enough to learn that the site could possibly go dark in the process. I don’t actually know if there’s more or less than a 30% chance—I just pulled that figure out of the air for a title—but I thought I should let you know: the site and blog may go dark temporarily in the coming days.

If it does, rest assured, it’ll be back on line as soon as possible! With any luck, however, by the time you read this, I’ll have completed the migration. Here’s hoping!

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