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By , December 6, 2017

The last week or so, I’ve received new information on topics I’ve covered here in the past. Rather than do a separate post on each one, here’s a quick update on several different topics:

Our play, The Lion in Winter finished its final weekend Saturday night. Of our four shows, Friday, December 1st was the best. Led by some puppeteer friends, the audience warmed up a lot, and fed its energy to the cast. The other three nights, people seemed almost afraid to laugh at the funny parts.

Nevertheless, those who came to see it seemed to love it. I know of quite a few people who came multiple nights, which we found very gratifying.

Haines Lion in Winter Cast

One last “family portrait” in front of the fire: (L-R): Ryan Staska as Richard Lionheart, Dominic Stossel as John Lackland, Gina Randles as Alais Capet, Mark Zeiger as Henry II, Amanda Randles as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Riyan Stossel as Geoffrey, Jed Blum-Evitts as Philip II of France (Photo: Michelle L. Zeiger).

Now, it’s over. I’m picking up the pieces of my life, relishing the relief from the sense of urgency that pervaded every waking moment, and many of the other moments as well!

Haines The Lion in Winter Still

Mark as Henry II confronts Jed as Philip II of France as Ryan, Riyan, and Dominic look on (Photo: Symaron Naeco).

I got the results back from my recent colonoscopy (see A Happy End). The biopsies on the two small polyps they found and removed show that one of them was pre-cancerous, a tubular adenoma. Apparently, it’s not a big deal: they told me I’d need to come in sooner than the normal next colonoscopy, so I go in again in five years instead of ten. Adenomas are benign, but can turn cancerous in the colon.

Still from Haines The Lion in Winter

Mark as Henry II blasphemes a blue streak in The Lion in Winter as Riyan and Ryan look on (Photo: Symaron Naeco).

Finally, the Haines Assembly voted to oppose the UA Timber sale (see Something New to Worry About and NIMBY). Also, no one bid on the sale! The University says they have a lot of interest in it, but, call me naive, but in a bidding process, someone whose interested in it would bid, on the off chance they were the only bidder . . . right? The situation isn’t resolved, but for now, things seem to be going our way.

I’m looking forward to shaving my face, and probably my hair. I trimmed everything down to 1/4″ for now. There are a couple of Christmas events in Haines that we might participate in as a cast, so I’m waiting to hear about that. Counting the minutes, though, these whiskers itch!

It’s time to get serious about Christmas. After all, today is Saint Nicholas Day!



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