Heating With Wood

By , September 19, 2009

While heating with wood makes a comeback around the U.S., here on the homestead, it’s far more than a smart economic move, it’s a necessity. Wood is our only source of heat. Both the main cabin and the guest/boat house have woodstoves; the main cabin uses a wood-fired hot water tank. Our sailboat uses a tiny marine woodstove. Eventually, our sauna will be wood-fired, and I long to install a stove in our shop.

As you can imagine, then, I spend a lot of time thinking about firewood. As we hike around our property, I’m constantly “timber cruising,” watching for deadfalls that would likely yield firewood. We spend a great deal of time and effort bucking logs, hauling, chopping, and stacking.

And generally, what I think about, I write about. In the future, I’ll expand on these topics and more:

I’ll also be ruminating, no doubt, on ecological impacts, the danger of choosing the wrong wood, new scientific evidence that none of us want to be true, and other aspects that I and others have mulled over—most often while we sit enjoying the warmth of a glowing fire.

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  1. cedriclauzon says:

    That is what we realized too,we currently have a great dickinson oil stove on board…..with an oven…..yes ,Sir,Madam.!! but the question is ,what happens if there is no oil to be sold and no money to buy it……That’s why I am installing an alternative wood fired tent stove In “Island breeze”…hopefully it will do the trick….The stove is called a 3 dog stove…..anybody have any experience with those?

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