Sun Showers

By , January 22, 2010

Here on the homestead, we sun ourselves when we can, but it’s less sunbathing than sun showering. We don’t “lay out” to get a tan, but we do go out and sit or stand in the sun when it reaches the property in the winter months, to produce a little vitamin D, and a sense of wellbeing.

Aly catching a "sun shower" on the Power Point at the Winter Solstice.

Yesterday was wonderful. The forecast warned of low temperatures, and the star-filled night sky supported that prediction, but when morning came we were in the 40s. We cleaned the woodstove glass and laid a fire, but didn’t light it—the cabin was warm enough without it. Later, the sun crested the Coast Range, and we went outside for a sun shower. We’ve had little sun lately; what we’ve had has been on cold, windy days. It felt almost springlike by comparison. It lifted all our spirits.

Michelle found some catnip growing in the greenhouse, along with some fennel, miner’s lettuce, and parsley. Some of last year’s johnny jump ups are still blooming as well. There’s also kale in the garden. Greens for everyone, in January, no less.

After a few minutes, the sun passed behind the southern bluff. We’re getting more daylight with each passing day, but still not a whole lot. At least, after a day like this one, we feel reassured that more will come.

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