Best Man

By , March 3, 2010

My college roommate is getting married this summer, and he just asked me to stand up for him as his Best Man.

I couldn’t be more proud! He stood up for me at my wedding, and I’d always cherished a vague hope that I might return the favor someday. Now, that day will come–nearly 28 years later!

I’ve attended surprisingly few weddings in my life, and have participated in even fewer. I served as a groomsman for another good friend almost 10 years ago. Another time I served as videographer. I’ll be new to the Best Man gig, but luckily, I’ll have my friend’s shining example to guide me. If I can be as calm, collected, supportive, and quietly full of good humor on his day as he was on mine, the event will go very well.

Ironically, after last summer’s rare trip south to visit family and friends, we decided that summer is not the time to leave the homestead. Now, I’m eagerly anticipating doing just that. Luckily, it won’t be for as long this time. I’m planning on a fairly surgical strike: get in, get the job done well, and get home. It shouldn’t take more than a week at most, probably less. I’ll be gone for the summer solstice, which is a bit sad, but wedding will be worth it, not to mention a far rarer celebration. It’ll be a small price to pay to be a part of something that’s been so long in coming.

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