Rumex Super Goat Res (Sorry About the Goat Thing)

By , March 10, 2010

It’s beginning to look like I may need to apologize for the goat comment. The first week of March, after an ambiguous beginning, turned into a series of wild weather events, with heavy snow followed immediately by extreme thaw, and storm after storm. Pretty typical weather for spring in Southeast Alaska, actually, but still!

A snow squall races up Lynn Canal on Sunday (Mark Zeiger photo).

The cabin creaks and moans like an aging tall ship rounding The Horn. Branches stand impaled a foot or more deep in the trail. The wind holds water in the bay, making it uncrossable at the usual spots two full hours after the 13-foot tide level. The tarp covering the woodpile will not stay put.

I don’t really think I called this weather down on our heads by making light of an old weather marker. But then again, maybe an apology wouldn’t hurt?

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