Show Your Clan Colors! April 6th is National Tartan Day

By , April 6, 2010

It’s National Tartan Day! This day, first recognized nationally in 1997, recognizes the accomplishments of Americans of Scottish and Scottish-Irish descent and their contributions to their country. If you’re of Scottish descent, wear your tartan today!

Despite our German last name, my family, according to my grandfather, is very Celtic, tracing Scottish, Scottish-Irish, and Irish ancestry. I know of three clans from which we can claim ancestry. Two are “septs,” families under the protection of, but not necessarily related directly to larger clans. The third clan, Baird, has a plaid of its own.

An example of Baird Hunting Plaid.

We boast but one example of the plaid in this family. I have a wool scarf in Baird hunting plaid, a beautiful, muted design in dark greens and rich purple. Michelle took Aly to town for her volunteer work at the local museum today. I offered her the scarf in honor of the day, but she refused. They walked out the door, then Aly ran back and asked for the scarf. The weather’s cooler than she expected, so I guess she decided to take advantage of that, and fly her clan colors in town on National Tartan Day.

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