Bachelor Pod

By , April 20, 2010

The herring are here, but they’re hitting pretty lightly off our beach. We’re not too concerned, as they tend to continue shoaling off our beach long after they’ve left the more popular fishing spots. They seem to be moving up Lynn Canal well, though, based on all the recent predator activity.

Yesterday a pod of killer whales passed us headed north, then turned around and came back a few hours later. This group seemed to be all males, from one calf-sized to the huge males with their six-foot high dorsal fins.

They passed within a quarter mile of the beach, the closest we’ve yet seen. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos. However, Aly did get her hydrophone in the water, and got some pretty good recordings. Once we edit them, we’ll try to attach them in a player here on the blog.

Funny thing is, the whole time we watched the killer whales we say only one single herring off the rocks!

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