Catnip Napper (Nipper?)

By , May 2, 2010

Michelle noticed recently that the catnip growing at the base of our cherry saplings has been attacked by an unknown assailant. The other plants, including kale, the budding cherries, and a variety of volunteers, went untouched. The catnip stems appeared to be cut, which makes her think that perhaps birds had been at it.

since catnip is obviously for cats, it has never occurred to us that other creature might be interested in it, as either food or a recreational drug. The Internet only talks about cats, both domestic and wild, responding to catnip. We’ve had lynx around at various times, but I can’t imagine them coming that close to the cabin. We haven’t seen the unknown cat for months, so we doubt it’s him or her. It’s a mystery.

That someone’s eating our catnip stash isn’t a problem for us. Our cats don’t get any catnip right now. It usually just makes Lissa sleepy (but then, what doesn’t?) but Spice, being so high strung, gets pretty wild. She’s been picking fights with Lissa whenever she’s into the ‘nip, so they’re both on the wagon for now.

I guess we’d better keep an eye out for strange behavior outside the cabin!

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