Cold Sophie

By , May 15, 2010

Today is traditionally the day of Cold Sophie in southern Germany, marking the end of the days of the Eisheilige, or Ice Saints. Apparently in that part of the world, these days are commonly a stretch of unseasonably cold and/or wet weather. Cold Sophie is one of several of these Ice Saints, the one, in my opinion, with the coolest name (no pun intended). Sounds like a character from a horror movie! Or a good name for a boat . . . .

The weather pattern indicated here does not hold in Southeast Alaska. Quite the opposite. As I’ve noted before, May brings us some of each year’s best weather, particularly during this week.

When we lived in Juneau, the church we attended held a weekend retreat at a large church camp in Berner’s Bay each year at this time. The weather was almost invariably fine, warm enough for swimming on the beach. The grounds burst with blooming wild strawberries, buttercups, and iris. Songbirds filled the air with music, and hummingbirds swarmed around the mess hall’s feeder. Some years we’d sail out to the camp in one of our sailing dinghies. We regarded these retreats as a most glorious way to greet the summer.

Here we have no horses or zip line to ride, but the weather’s the same. Our focus is wholly on summer weather and activities. No fear of Cold Sophie here!

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