Mother’s Day Without Mom

By , May 9, 2010

Since my mother, Gertie Zeiger, passed away in 1998, Mother’s Day has become a day of remembrance more than tribute for me.Mom, I’m sure, would have loved the homestead, except perhaps for “the facilities.” I wish with my whole heart that she could have seen it! Her presence is felt here, despite her absence. According to her wishes, each family member received a portion of her ashes to spread where we would. We scattered ours on a special stretch of Indian River, near Totem Park in Sitka, Alaska, on the knoll above our cabin, and beneath a lilac bush in the dooryard. I also feel her presence when we play certain music, or when I see or hear loons, which I associate with her for reasons that aren’t fully clear to me. Then, there’s her resemblance I see in the face of my daughter.

Motherhood seems to me to be the highest and best calling to which humankind can aspire. What could possibly be more important? Nothing I can think of.

It helps allay my sadness that I can assist Aly in honoring Michelle today, and that I have two other, wonderful mother figures to honor, my mother-in-law and step-mother. Nevertheless, for me this day is first and foremost one for thinking of my own, my only Mother.

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