Re-Entry to “Civilization”

By , May 14, 2010

An adventure we’re currently embarked on involves returning temporarily to “civilization.” That means adjusting to modern conveniences most take for granted, that have become strange to us.

Did you know that it’s possible to turn on a tap and have hot water anytime you want? We’d forgotten that little detail . . . . Pretty handy idea. We’re enjoying unpremeditated hot water use.

Not only that, but you can make a phone call, and pizza comes to your door! It’s not as good as homemade, but it’s a lot less work.

The main adjustment has been using indoor plumbing. Believe it or not, the three of us now consider outhouses superior in most cases. After a while, it becomes intimidating to do one’s necessary business in close proximity to other people. There’s a lot more responsibility, too, when water flushing is involved. I could go on at length, but I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Other than that, we haven’t forgotten anything drastic. We manage to eat politely, and all, so we must not be completely feral.

The downside to the water convenience has been readjusting to chlorinated water. We can barely stand to drink municipal water anymore—the taste and smell is too strong for us. We have also had to use hand lotion to keep our hands from chapping. We eventually figured out that hand washing in municipal water causes it. That is also why we’re itching all over, because we’re showering in it. Looking back to our former life, we had these problems before, but we notice them much more now.

We’re having a great time, the time is going too quickly, but when it’s over we’ll return to homestead life with a certain relief.

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