An Unhelpful Comment Helps Out

By , May 17, 2010

In my family, joking around is a form of communication—not always a good or appropriate one. Yesterday, I made a crack that actually helped my little sister out.

Beth spoke yesterday at her Universalist Unitarian congregation, and we attended. In the morning, as she polished her notes, I asked in jest if she’d be mentioning Saint Brendan, as it was his day. She replied, “I don’t know—was he an optimist?”

Was he? Pessimists don’t go to sea in leather boats.

As is turned out, her talk, on optimism, needed an example, and big brother, making a gratuitous comment, fishing for a smile, or even a chuckle, helped her out.

I’m so proud! But I’m not counting on any other comments being so helpful. That doesn’t mean I’ll hold back, of course. There are some responsibilities an older brother should never shirk.

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