A Gustatory War of Attrition

By , May 30, 2010

The day before the forecasted hottest day of the week, Michelle divided our milk jug into several containers. She put one, a lidded carafe, in the cool box, and the rest in the root cellar. This morning I grabbed the carafe, and, as I always do took an experimental sniff. No odor whatsoever. All seemed well, but when I tried to pour the milk on my cereal, I found I was mistaken!

Nothing came out. The milk had turned to perfect yogurt. It has a very mild  flavor, and great consistency. Michelle said she’d have been happy if her first attempts at yogurt making had been that good!

This has led us to change our plans a bit, as far as meals are concerned. No fishing for now, as we have to make sure we eat the perishables in the cool box before they go bad. Breakfast included scrambled eggs, to use up all that hadn’t been moved to the root cellar the day before. Lunch will no doubt involve something that uses cheese or yogurt: perhaps some macaroni and cheese. We’ve already been working at using up perishables against the hot spell, but we’ve had to step things up to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Thank goodness the root cellar has remained cool so far, somewhere between 36 and 38°. Last year it warmed to the mid-50s, and stayed like that for months. Hopefully the same won’t happen this year.

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