You Buck ‘Em, We Chuck ‘Em: Wood Work Continues

By , June 14, 2010

Last week, Burl came back and cut up more of the beach log that’s been such an important boost to our firewood supply. He cut it all up except for the last five rounds before the gas ran out, and the saw connected with a rock, forcing a resharpening session. The log is turning out to be even more valuable than previously thought, not only for the abundance of firewood, but for the sawdust, which we collected for outhouse duff.

As I quartered the rounds, I’d throw them up the beach as far as I could. Michelle took them from there up to the pile beneath the garden. The blue tarp caught much of the sawdust from the chainsaw. (Photo: Aly Zeiger)

Burl cut rounds, I quartered them with a sledge and two wedges, then threw them up the beach a ways. Michelle collected and piled them up above the tide line. Aly collected the sawdust in buckets. In a very short time we had a new pile of fat wood chunks, ready to be split and stacked for final drying.

The finished pile below the garden. Next step: pull a round out for a chopping block, chop it and stack it. (Photo: Aly Zeiger)

The next day I started splitting until the rain got too intense, then we threw a large visquene tarp over it until later. I’ll end up with two piles, one of dry wood and one of wet (damp, really). The dry pile will get added to the wood shed pile soon, the rest will sit on the beach for a month or so. Most of this will happen after I return from my friend’s wedding.

I saw most of our firewood by hand, with bow saws or Swede saws, but on a log this size, I really appreciate a good neighbor whose willing to take the time and effort to help us out!

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