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By , June 23, 2010

I have returned from down south with good news: “the course of love” does, in fact, “run smooth.” My friend and college roommate’s wedding was wonderful! They are truly, deeply, madly in love, and now they are husband and wife. The day, the setting, the gathering of loved ones—everything was just as it should be.

I overnighted in Juneau on each leg of the trip, staying with a friend and former supervisor. I visited my dad’s brother and sister in Seattle on the way down, and stayed with another friend from college in Oregon. A third member of the college crowd came up from California, and stayed there, too. They, the groom and I are part of the group of friends that meets every few years, so we had a “mini-reunion” along with the wedding.

I returned home yesterday evening. Burl had come back and bucked up the last of the beach log just that morning, so as soon as we arrived, we ran out and lugged the rounds up above the high tide line. The sunny weather had just turned that morning to downpour, which serenaded us through the night with noisy assurance that our winter water supply will soon be well filled. It’s very, very good to be home!

I had feared I might arrive home too late. Our older cat, Lissa’s health is failing. When I called Michelle from Juneau yesterday morning, she told me that she’d taken a turn for the worse. I found some unflavored electrolyte solution to bring home, and Michelle has some hydrating fluids from Haines Animal Rescue Kennel (HARK). Added to the usual work of the homestead, we’re now an amateur animal hospital/end of life care unit for the time being.

Sorry that I have not posted any photos from the wedding here. My friends are very private people; I’m waiting to follow their lead before posting anything from the wedding.

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