Rained In

By , July 1, 2010

The last day of June felt more like October on the homestead. the previous day’s warm sunshine gave way to heavy rain overnight. I’d planned to get out and chop more firewood, wallowing in the pleasure of an overabundance of dry, choppable fuel, but that turned into snuggling down, listening to music, sipping hot drinks and grazing snacks all day.

We had a commitment to hike out and meet the ferry in the evening. That seemed like an ambitious enough project for such a day, at least as far as physical activity outside is concerned. We puttered around inside, cleaning house and performing other tasks in preparation for visitors, but it didn’t match the pace of activity in the last week.

The weather is a blessing. We’re pretty satisfied that our water needs are now met. The winter water tank should be full now. The garden’s getting watered, and fire danger’s diminished.

Should the weather persist, we’ll be back out into it, of course; it won’t slow us down forever, but on the first day of wetter weather, it’s nice to pause and enjoy it from inside for awhile. After all, it doesn’t hurt to have our enthusiasm “rained in” now and then.

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