Spare Me the Harem Jokes, Please

By , July 8, 2010

Even for a guy like me who’s used to being outnumbered by female personalities in the home, living as I did until recently with four of them, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. With my sisters and a cousin visiting, I’m trying to keep a low profile. I suppose I’m holding my own pretty well, but sometimes I find it’s time to head out of the cabin for a bit of fishing, or wood chopping, or . . . something.

It probably wouldn’t be so bad, as they all love me, except for perhaps Marissa, whom I’ve just recently met, and should reserve judgment, but Spice has decided she loves Marissa more than me. The other day I was the only human home, and Spice, who had been quite well behaved since Lissa’s death, suddenly reverted to her old tricks, crying constantly. She finally drove me from the house until the others returned! Once they came back, particularly Marissa, she settled down again. I’m sure, though, that each time she meows at me she’s asking, “Where’s Marissa?”

I’m enjoying the visit. The challenge of holding my own against strong personalities with a love for teasing is keeping me sharp. Or so I keep telling myself . . . .

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