It’s a Small World . . . .

By , August 28, 2010

The cutesy, multicultural, animatronic puppets in Disneyland are right: it is, indeed, a small world after all. I spoke with my brother, Dave, yesterday by phone. Why that’s unusual would not immediately occur to you unless you knew that Dave and his wife, Anke, live aboard their sailboat, Slacktide, and that, at the time I spoke to them, they were approaching Point Augusta on the west side of Chatham Strait. Apparently, there’s cell phone coverage out there, something I’d never suspected until now.

As a result of that call, I’m taking the ferry to Juneau today, then a plane to Gustavus, where I’ll rendezvous with Slacktide by dinnertime, assuming they have reached there by then. We’ve got a boat to look at for our sister, and I need to check on some land we have down there. After that, I’ll sail with them to Juneau, and from there, back to Haines.

I’m always loathe to leave the homestead, to break up the team, but I have to confess, I’m pretty darned excited about this trip!

It’s been too long since I’ve been sailing. I have yet to see their newly-built sailboat in real life, and have never sailed on her. Not only that, I haven’t even seen them for the last 3 years! Best of all, we will arrive home together for a family visit. This will be a great trip.

I’ll try to let you know more about it as it goes along. In keeping with the Small World theme, I’m taking along the family Ebook, with which I hope to keep the blog fairly up-to-date. I’ve posted a few entries ahead to prevent problems in Gustavus.

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