The Zeiger Family Homestead Blog, Year One

By , August 29, 2010

I started the Zeiger Family Homestead Blog a year ago today! It began with this post, then I left if alone for a week. I’d been recruited by another blog that wasn’t quite ready to go on line when I was, and I tried to hold off long enough to coordinate the release of the two blogs. In other words, I had my priorities screwed up. The other blog is great, don’t get me wrong—but I soon realized that this is the blog to which I had to devote most of my time and energy. A year later, it seems worth it, mostly because of the feedback we’ve received from you, the reader.

“So, what,” you may ask, “does the one year mark mean to me, the reader?”For one thing, I’ll be a little less concerned with posting every single day. After the initial stalling, I ramped up quickly to posting faithfully every day, in order to create an audience; one year in, theoretically, I can slack off a bit. Theoretically, I can skip a day or so now and then if I don’t have anything particularly compelling to blog about. That means that each post should be a bit more valuable, “all killer and no filler,” if you will. More realistically, that won’t happen much; it seems like there’s always something to talk about. It’ll be nice to have permission to not post if we get a low power day or something, but I don’t intend to take advantage of it.

It also means that it’s time to get going on that book about the homestead. A year’s worth of blog posts can become a pretty good first draft, I’m thinking. That doesn’t mean that the book will solely be a reprint of our archives. The blog tells some, but not nearly all of what goes on here season by season. When the book becomes a reality, you’ll hear it here, first.

In the meantime, there’s another book in the works! More about that coming soon.

Other than that, don’t look for any major plot twists; I don’t anticipate introducing any new characters, and we’re keeping our time slot. Then again, one never knows what’ll happen next around here!

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