Blog as Confessional or, Don’t Be So Crabby!

By , September 18, 2010

Michelle proves time and time again that it doesn’t take a fool to marry one.

While I was out of town, she and Aly kayaked out to the mouth of the bay to check the crab trap. They fished for fresh bait to replace the old, but didn’t catch anything They didn’t want to carry the trap with the kayak, so they dropped it with an empty bait bucket, and went home.

When I heard they’d done that, I disapproved. The metal traps rust, so if they’re submerged in salt water, they’d better be baited and working! I lost very few opportunities to grouse about that until I was able to go out and pull it myself. When I did that yesterday morning, I got a shock: it contained two larger-than-legal-minimum male crabs! Not much of a haul, by most Alaskans’ standards, but plenty for our needs.

I don’t know if the residual bait smell in the bucket lured them in, or if they just stumbled into the trap by accident. I don’t really care—the point is, the trap did its job without bait, vindicating Michelle’s decision and proving, yet again, that I’m a jackass.

At least I’m smart enough to realize when I’m being stupid—most of the time, anyway.

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