By , October 11, 2010

Today Michelle moves to town to take care of friends’ children until October 18th. Aly and I will be pretty much on our own for the week. It will be very odd not having Michelle, who is pretty much the center of our family, home with us. To kick it off right, Aly will go to town with her to attend a class, so I’ll be on my own till evening. This is fairly normal, but Aly coming home without her mother isn’t.

To prepare for the temporary separation, we spent some time yesterday harvesting most of the root vegetables from the garden: beets, carrots, and parsnips. We also put away the celery, cut down the artichoke plants, and picked the last of the tomatoes. The weather forecast has been creeping toward the cold side, and Michelle didn’t want to be caught in town if the temperatures drop below freezing.

It would make sense for Aly and I to plan meals that Michelle doesn’t like, but our tastes are so similar, we’re a bit stumped. Clam chowder was the obvious first idea, but it may be the only idea. Eating the ripest of the vegetables will keep us busy for the most part. It won’t be a matter of not having enough to eat, but too much.

The biggest problem we see is dealing with Spice. She’s supposed to be Aly’s cat, but her world turns upside down if Michelle isn’t here. She’s going to be a handful, I’m sure.

Michelle may bring the kids out to the homestead over next weekend, which will help everyone’s sanity.

We’re splitting up the team again, which always gives us pause. When we generally meet challenges with a united front, it’s hard to do without any member.

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