Garlic Sauce over Pasta

By , October 17, 2010

Yesterday, in talking about the cooking Aly and I have been doing while alone on the homestead, I mentioned garlic sauce over pasta. I’m not sure this is the correct name for this dish. Michelle found the recipe a long time ago, but the original has fallen out of use as each person in the family who makes it improves on the basic idea at will.

So, with no real knowledge of the recipe anymore, I’ll just described how I did it recently. I’ll offer the “standard” ingredients, with what I used in parentheses:

In a cast iron skillet, sautée the following in a liberal drizzle of olive oil:

1 handful of chopped or thin-sliced onions (Egyptian walking onions from the garden)

Several cloves of garlic, minced or sliced thin

1-2 shakes of cayenne pepper flakes (sliced cayenne peppers from the plant Aly raised)

Remove from heat when onions become transparent. Toss into or serve over pasta (angel hair is our favorite)

Add olive oil to individual servings as desired.

Very good topped with Parmesan cheese.

This recipe makes a great base to which meat or vegetables may be added. Crab meat, white fish such as kelp greenling or other “codfish” and a variety of other seafoods work well. Zucchini squash “coins” in the sauce can be fantastic.

As I confessed yesterday, we discovered inadvertently that if it gets overcooked, it’s still excellent, with a piquant crunch!

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