Winter Falls

By , November 1, 2010

It’s November 1st, Samhain, the first day of winter according to the Celtic or Natural calendar. After celebrating Halloween in town last night, we can attest to the development of winter. Cold and rainy weather conditions are classic in our part of the world, although we got lucky. The rain didn’t really start till we’d finished trick-or-treating, and it wasn’t all that cold, for the most part.

I used to really dislike this day as a child. After the previous night’s activities, November 1st seemed almost as cold, dreary, and dull as the day after Christmas, or New Year’s morning. Thankfully, that has changed as my outlook and understanding has evolved, but enough of the old feeling remains to make the recognition of the first day of winter seem extra appropriate.

It’s not quite like last year, when we had the first snow of the late year. I love the photos we took that morning, hiking home after spending the night in town. Would that our day today would be idyllic as that one. Instead, we’re hiking back to town to vote early, since Tuesday’s forecast calls for a 40 knot gale. Forecasts earlier in the week said that would come today, just as we tried to cross the bay to perform our civic duty! By the time it ramps up we’ll be back at the cabin, making the transition from October to November, from autumn to winter, from Halloween to a few brief weeks of “normal” time before Thanksgiving.

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