Back on the Bay – Home for the Holidays and Beyond

By , November 22, 2010

Yesterday, Michelle came home from “kid” and house sitting for friends in town. Aly and I hiked out to meet her on the bay and help carry her gear in. Low angled sun filled the beach as we met and hugged. It seems like she’s been gone forever. She brought most of what we’ll need for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. It felt like a real homecoming, which is exactly what it is.

It’s fitting that she would come back the Sunday of Thanksgiving week. It’s one more thing (among many) that we’re thankful for. I feel like I used to when my older brother arrived home for the holidays from college: we’re all here, now the fun can begin! We hadn’t really cultivated that holiday feeling until she returned to us; now that she’s here, we’re definitely in the mood.

Like last time, it will be fun to watch her “re-entry” into homestead life. She’s been on a different circadian cycle in town, with lots of light until late in the evening. The night before, while she stayed up past midnight packing and cleaning, thinking nothing of it, I nodded helplessly over a fascinating book in our dark little cabin at 8:30 pm! We expect her to nap often, while she readjusts and recoups. Meanwhile, Aly and I will adjust to having an “extra” person in the house.

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