All is Calm . . . Dead Calm

By , November 28, 2010

Well, they do say “be careful what you wish for,” don’t they? I wrote recently about “closing” for Christmas, and now here we are. The ocean is a perfect mirror, not a ripple on it. The sky and water are one continuous expanse of dark gray; no wind for the generator, no sun for the solar array. Snow falls steadily, piling up on the panels, the satellite dish, and filling the sky with signal-disrupting reflectors. I’ve got about enough time to pop on line and complain about it, then shut down. No Web work, no real blogging, no following up on important emails, and no playing on line!

It sure is beautiful, though.

It’s the first Sunday in Advent. Aly and I explored the “attic” platform above the master bed and pulled out our Advent wreath. I’m eying the candles I put in it—I may need to find a way to hold them straight before we light one of them this evening. We’ll have a candle and oil lamp lit night. Late tonight a gale is supposed to kick up from the north. I should be back in business (as it were) tomorrow.

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