Sunglasses After Dark

By , December 1, 2010

After listening to the weather forecast, Aly and I conferred and decided that she should call the school and tell them that she would not be attending Film Club on Monday. A big winter storm seemed imminent, and we felt it’d be more comfortable to stay home. However, watching the weather from the homestead when the day came, we decided it wasn’t so bad, and we could make it after all. We bundled up and headed for town.

I’d just blogged about the homestead weather being better than Haines; I should have remembered that! The weather worsened as we drove north, until we arrived in Haines in a near white out. I took Aly to the school, then ran some other errands. One of these took me to the local bookstore. As I stood at the counter, talking to the owner, a woman came in to ask a question. She was wearing large sunglasses, which struck me as odd. This was around 4:00 pm, which meant it was pitch dark outside. I longed to make a comment, either to her or the store owner, but I kept quiet.

Good thing. When I left the store and stepped outside, I suddenly wished I had sunglasses too! The wind-driven snow driving into my eyes blinded me. I literally had to walk with my head down, glancing sidelong at the way ahead. I’d left the car at the library and walked on my errands. I didn’t have far to go at all, but in that weather, it seemed to take forever!

Aly called to tell me they were shutting down the school. I picked her up and we headed toward Mud Bay, and better weather. When we crossed the bay for home, we had plenty of snow and wind, but it wasn’t enough to wish for sunglasses.

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