Halcyon Days are Here Again – Can’t You Tell?

By , December 16, 2010

The Halcyon Days, traditionally a two-week period of calm seas around the Winter Solstice, began yesterday. Typically, they were ushered in on Lynn Canal in grand style: with a rip-snorting winter storm! We’re in a period of dueling forecasts, between what the weather radio is saying, and that same organization’s Web site. The radio says we’re in for 50 knots later today, turning to a 55-knot storm. Fifty-five knots is over 63 mph! We’re rooting for the Website to be correct, as it calls for a mere 45 knots over the next few days. I have a feeling the higher forecast will prevail . . . .

Neither possibility furthers our plans to continue emptying the car. It’s a long hike across that bay in a stiff wind, and a loaded pack works like a sail coming back. We’re planning to hunker down for a while, bake cookies and enjoy other Christmas time activities, feed the fire, listen to music, and stay warm. We may have to conserve on power, as we’re not fond of running the wind generator at those speeds. A bit of oil lamp light may illuminate our fireside for the next few days!

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