January Thaw and Reawakening

By , January 5, 2011

We had a lovely white Christmas. After a long, dry cold spell, snow began falling on the homestead on Christmas Eve, and continued over the next few days till we accumulated about a foot of snow. Then, around New Year’s Eve, temperatures warmed until the light snow turned to drizzle. Before long, the only snow left was where it piled up under the eaves after falling off the roof.

It’s a bit strange for January, but a little bit refreshing. By the second, it felt more like September or October outside. We wandered around the compound without coats. We didn’t track snow inside anymore. The knowledge that the winter water supply will be replenished for a bit is certainly comforting. Perhaps most importantly, our firewood pile is getting a break. At the beginning of the winter I confidently predicted that we might have as much as a two-year supply stacked up, but with all the cold weather, we’re burning through it faster than expected. The low snow levels have kept us from being able to sledge in more wood from other places on the property to replenish the supply.

the thaw is good for us in other ways as well. We’re in the last week of our Christmas celebration, which lasts till January 6th, Twelfth Night. This is the point in our celebration where a certain level of cabin fever sets in. We’re still celebrating, still staying close to home, but we’re beginning to look forward to getting back to normal, to become more active and productive. The weather’s helping us do that, rather than encouraging us to stay home by the fire.

The weather radio says we’re headed back to cold weather by Saturday, so our window is short, but hopefully it’ll be energizing enough to gain momentum that’ll carry us forward.

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